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Welcome to our business! 

''Our mission is to provide the best moving services at an affordable price. 

We love to serve our customers with accurate estimates,

reliable service, and attentive customer care''.

- Jose Rosas Co-Founder

5 important tips from Best Price Movers

  • Plan your move ahead: Planning ahead will help you avoid any unpredictable problems.
  • Explore: Make sure you get different quotes before choosing your mover. Including possible extra charges.
  • Pack: Have everything packed and ready to go. Boxes are preferred over any other container. 
  • Communication: Make sure you let your moving company know of any inconvenience they may run into. For example: parking, upper floors, elevators, etc.
  • Insurance: Check that your moving company has insurance in case of any damage.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority!!!!

DOT#320462  ​TxDMV No. 008906582C / TxDMV Toll-Free 1-888-368-4689​

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